With our HCG Diet Program, you can lose 30 pounds in 30 days. Contact us to learn how!






Hcg is a hormone from pregnancy that enhances hormone effects.  One of it’s great abilities is apparently increasing calories from fat stores.  This means great weight loss, while keeping it off. Not to mention we appreciate your busy schedule, you won’t need to come into the office for injections.

HCG Weight Loss

By HCG Diet Socal – Dr. Dubroff


At HCG Diet Socal, we offer one of the best programs in Southern California. During our program you can expect an average weight loss from ½ to 1 lb per day, decreased hunger, increased Metabolism, body contouring, no loss of muscle or structural fat, decrease in excess fat and stored fat. Turn to HCG Weight Loss today to improve the quality of your life. Our services are offered in San Diego, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Carlsbad. Contact us to learn how.


Identifying and treating the cause

Unlike many others, through our HCG weight loss, we will identify and treat the cause for better results.


Treat the whole individual

By HCG weight loss, we will treat you as a whole and consider your entire self before starting.


Healing power of nature

Actively and effectively, we use healing power of nature in the process of HCG weight loss.


Giving proper awareness

We make sure you are properly aware of the HCG weight loss procedure and steps of our plan.

New Services


My-Lipo is a sculpting, skin tightening and cellulite machine. It uses low light laser therapy. It's an FDA Medical Device #2 This means its safe and effective via the FDA. One 30 minute treatment is 4 application pads applied directly to the body (ex: arms, love handles, belly, thigh, etc). Your HCG weight loss doctor will answer your questions.


It is a daily intramuscular injections of l-arginine, l-carnitine and l-glutamine. To increase circulation, weight loss and build lean muscle. Great for athletic performance and we have been seen outstanding results for weight loss, fibromyalgia, scoliosis, osteoarthritis, erectile dysfunction, hypertension, emphysema. Dr. Dubroff, HCG weight loss specialist, will give a free consultation session.

About Us


Dr. Joseph Dubroff specializes in General Naturopathic Medicine, HCG Weight Loss Programs, Prolotherapy-Pain management procedures and athletic/Age Management. He has given many lectures in the community as well as hospital and other medical settings. He has also designed a year long CME course on alternative medical applications for mental health professionals. Dr. Dubroff started his clinical practice in Portland, OR where he served as a preceptor doctor training students in homeopathy for NCNM. He offers his HCG weight loss services in San Diego, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Carlsbad. Contact him today for an appointment.


HCG Weight Loss

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I am extremely satisfied with the service, expertise, and caring of HCG weight loss specialist, Dr Dubroff. He truly takes a proactive approach to making sure that his patients have all of their questions answered and makes himself available on multiple sources of communication. I can text, call, or email and he is always responsive. He cares about the short term and the long term success and vitality of his patients. The prices are affordable and for the service and care provided, are actually a bargain. I have lost 40lbs with Dr Dubroff HCG weight loss program and I am on track to lose another 30. Thank you for a life changing experience and helping me to do what I could never do on my own!

—John M.

I met with Dr. Dubroff concerning the HCG weight loss diet. He was patient and understanding with all my questions and concerns. He made himself available beyond the normal 9am-5pm work schedule for both office visits and phone calls. With the help of Dr. Dubroff I have achieved great success with my weight loss goals. The best part is his pricing which is the most reasonable in HCG weight loss Southern California. He is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking holistic medical advice.

—John M.

I did a 30-day Hcg weight loss program with Dr. Dubroff and lost approx. 20 pounds. What I loved about the program was Dr. Dubroff’s accessibility- he answered my questions throughout the program consistently via text and in person and customized my diet to my lifestyle. He gave me a lot of tips that one wouldn’t receive doing a standard informal hcg weight loss diet elsewhere. I recommend the programs and solutions offered by Dr. Dubroff wholeheartedly!

—Stephanie B.

I was looking for assistance with HCG weight loss and after scouring the web I turned to Dr. Joseph Dubroff. He was available and worked with my hectic work schedule. I was able to get in with him at 6 PM, how awesome. After a careful and thorough review of my health history we made a plan for hcg weight loss injections – and by the way he charged much less than other clinics and provided all the same services. He was readily available for questions and answers, even on the weekend. What doc does that? Dr. Joe does! I had weekly follow-ups and felt great. He is a holistic doctor as well and can help with issues other than hcg weight loss as well. I was losing weight, my skin was clear, asthma, and migraines were all in check due to his holistic approach. I was very satisfied with his services and recommend him to all my friends. You won’t be disappointed. In case you’re wondering I lost 25 lbs in 40 days. You don’t put it back on after stopping hcg weight loss shots either. 5 months later I am still on track. Stop and see him.

—Brandi J.

Dr. Dubroff offers his HCG Weight Loss programs at 4 different locations in San Diego, Newport Beach, Mission Viejo, and Carlsbad. Contact us to make an appointment.