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We can keep you losing weight while on an Hcg Cycle or in between cycles. During Hcg treatment we recommend you do a cycle of Hcg and then take 4-6 weeks off. This doesn’t need to be down time though. We have located other effective services to keep you losing weight around the clock!

All of the following services can be used together or separately.

HCG Appointments:

All Hcg appointments include a consultation, program materials, the Hcg hormone, all the supplies needed and access with the Doctor M-F 9-5 and Sat & Sun 10-11am.

33 day program: Initial Appt $330. Follow up Appt $230 (Begins new cycle)

Want to do the HCG Weight Loss Program from the comfort of your own home? Learn more about our Telemedicine HCG Weight Loss Program

Skinny Shots:

Metabolic support and fat processing

$25/ weekly injections.

Pre-purchase 4 and receive 5.

GAC Shots:

Injectable L-arginine to increase circulation, L-carnitine to burn fat and L-glutamine to build muscle.

These are great for when just working out isn’t enough or if you want a top result with Hcg.

$180/ 1 month treatment.

L-Carnitine Shots:

Injectable L-carnitine is great to burn fat with or without Hcg!

$150/ 1 month treatment.


This is a terrific sculpting, skin tightening and cellulite machine.

Off the table results!

$100/ treatment

General Medicine & Bioidentical Consult:

Get at the bottom of your health concerns.

Visit our site: www.holisticsolutionsdoc.com

$250/ 1.5 hour initial consultation

$100/ 1 hour follow up