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HCG diet in San Diego

HCG diet in San DiegoThere is no question that the HCG diet in San Diego is an effective and quick way to lose a significant amount of weight. However, for those new to the process, there tends to be concerns of manageability of the program. Our experience repeatedly shows that when a tailored program is designed and followed the majority finding it surprisingly easy. A good program is about tailoring needs to the individual, you shouldn’t be hungry if you’re doing everything right.

It is best to eat whole foods only. This means nothing packaged will be ideal. We offer high quality Meal replacements specifically for the program, they are both nutritious and tasty. You must follow the recommendations of your doctor to balance out activity/calorie choices. Not reading food label ingredients can be an issue for hidden sugar and salt.

Many dieters may eat canned veggies and fruit, which is not recommended since these can have preservatives, sugar and other additives present. Not to mention we want you to eat “live” food, which means fresh/full of “energy.” Certain seasonings will also include sugar, as well as other ingredients that are not permitted when following the HCG diet, which can slow down the weight reduction that is seen.

For more information on the HCG diet in San Diego, contact HCG Diet SoCal today at (866) 296-2305. Here dieters can receive help and information regarding the diet, and get started right away.

Naturopathic HCG in Irvine

Naturopathic HCG in IrvineDeciding to commit to Naturopathic HCG in Irvine is a huge decision in itself. However, once this decision is made, there is another important decision ahead – if it will be followed properly. The good news is that the tips here will help to ensure that dieters have everything covered, giving them the very best chance of being successful during and after the diet.

After getting home from work, the last thing that anyone wants to have to do is getting a raw piece of meat, removing the fat and trimming it to the proper serving size (which is 3.5 ounces). It’s gross and frustrating and may cause dieters to cheat on their diet.

This is where pre-planning can be extremely beneficial. Purchase an entire month’s worth of various HCG appropriate proteins including chicken, shrimp, scallops, bison, beef, fish, etc. and then go ahead and throw a trimming and defatting party.

Once all of the meat is trimmed and defatted, store them in separate freezer bags. When it is time to make a meal, simply remove from the freezer and cook.

It is also a good idea to purchase a counter-top grill. These can be a true life saver. All that has to be done is plugging in the device and heating the meat for a few minutes. In most cases the vegetable and protein for the meal will fit on the grill together.

In addition to the proper foods, it is important that you purchase and use the proper types of substitute personal care products. For those not yet aware of this requirement, it is important to understand that dieters cannot use any type of products that contain oils or fats on their skin while following the HCG diet.

Daily water intake is also essential to the overall success of a HCG Diet. It is key to stay hydrated throughout the day and drink the recommended amount of water intake as discussed with your HCG doctor.

For anyone ready to learn more about Naturopathic HCG in Irvine, contact HCG Diet SoCal today at (949)444-4884. We look forward to helping you reach your weight loss goals naturally.