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Lose Weight Now with hCG Treatment in San Diego

Human chorionic gonadotrophin. It’s a big term for a small molecule that offers exciting weight loss potential. A hormone that occurs naturally in pregnant human females, hCG taken daily leads to incredibly quick weight loss. If you want to shed sizes in a hurry, human chorionic gonadotrophin hCG treatment in San Diego may be just right for you.

Lose Weight Now with hCG Treatment in San Diego

If you’re the type of person who likes to do their research prior to trying anything new, there is plenty of good information about the discovery of hCG as a weight loss aid. Before starting this remarkable weight loss program, it is imperative that you understand that it’s not exactly magic. You will be required to adhere to a very strict eating plan for the duration of your hCG treatment. When you meet with Dr. Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal, he will explain in detail how and why the program works. You will eat very little as you’re losing pounds and inches with the hCG diet. But you know what? You won’t feel hungry or miserable at all. HCG releases stored body fat in a way that keeps hunger pangs at bay. Yes, it’s a little hard to believe now, but if you consult with Dr. Dubroff and start treatment, you will surely be convinced.

Life in San Diego is good. It’s even better when you feel good about the way you look. HCG weight loss is appropriate for adults of both genders. In some cases, the plan may be right for teenagers who need to lose pounds and inches, too. To know more about hCG treatment in San Diego, please contact HCG Diet SoCal at your earliest convenience. Dial (866) 296-2305 to schedule a good time to come in and visit with the doctor and his friendly medical team.

Newport Beach Discovers the HCG Diet

Summer may be half over, but it’s not too late to lose a lot of weight with the HCG diet in Newport Beach. Thousands of women and men have used HCG treatments to lose weight quickly, safely and effectively.

Newport Beach Discovers the HCG Diet

Devised more than sixty years ago, the remarkable weight loss regimen comprises a limited calorie eating plan along with daily doses of a natural hormone called human chorionic gonadotrophin, or HCG. The hormone is secreted by pregnant women, but it works to help either gender shed body fat almost effortlessly.

The hCG diet requires no strenuous exercise. In fact, strenuous exercise is not recommended while on the plan, due to severe calorie restriction. The hCG diet allows only about 500 calories per day, but the diet can be modified to allow up to 1,000 calories per day. Most patients report no hunger pangs whatsoever while following Dr. Dubroff’s HCG diet plan.

When HCG is taken by injection or as oral doses, the hormone encourages the body to burn body fat in lieu of carbohydrates. When this happens, pounds and inches seem to melt away.

Every patient’s results are different, but most people lose around a pound per day while adhering to the HCG diet. Patients are advised to weigh themselves at the same time every day. Seeing the scale go down quickly provides encouragement and impetus to stay on the plan for the prescribed number of days.

If you start the HCG diet in Newport Beach this week, you may be able to lose more than 20 pounds by the end of summertime. When you’re ready to schedule a consultation with Dr.Dubroff, call HCG Diet SoCal at (949)444-4884.