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Are You A Good Candidate For HCG Treatment In Mission Beach?

Are You A Good Candidate For HCG Treatment In Mission Beach?

Many people struggle with the weight loss roller coaster, which can be a very long and frustrating process. If you have a ways to go before you get to what you consider to be your ideal weight, you need some motivation and a plan that works. You do have natural, effective options available to you but are you a good candidate for success while undergoing HCG treatment in Mission Beach?

To know whether or not this is a diet plan that is right for you, it is best that you understand precisely how the HCG diet works. This is a treatment protocol that involves HCG injections. HCG is human chorionic gonadotropin, which is the hormone found in the female body during pregnancy to help with fetal development. However, it can be injected with the HCG diet plan to help curb your appetite and give you more energy.

Another great thing about this treatment plan is that HCG is safe when used for both men and women who want to lose weight. The treatment plan uses a restriction of calories where you have to adhere to a strict diet plan. You will start to notice more energy and the weight will begin to melt away – all while never feeling as though you are starving or you are missing out on meals. The food allowed during the protocol is there to fuel your body, and you will not have the crashes that you usually get with traditional diets.

Even though HCG is a safe weight loss plan, you need to be under the supervision of a health professional. Dr. Joseph Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal has been working with many patients like you who want to lose weight safely. You will have all of the guidance and support you need to be set up for success with your weight loss plan. All you have to do to get started is set up a time for a consultation.

Call HCG Diet SoCal today at (866) 296-2305 to learn all about HCG injections and whether or not you are a good candidate for HCG treatment in Mission Beach.

Start Your Own Success Story With HCG Weight Loss In Chula Vista

Start Your Own Success Story With HCG Weight Loss In Chula Vista

There are plenty of different diet plans out there today and many people are trying to lose weight as quickly as possible. Whether you are trying to get rid of excess baby weight or you have always been involved in a constant battle with the scale, you should know that HCG weight loss in Chula Vista could be the answer you have been searching for.

When you start in on the HCG diet plan, you will see that you have the chance to truly start on your own weight loss success story. There are lots of people just like you who have been fighting through the sea of fad diets, weight loss supplements, frozen diet meals, and other programs made for getting back to a wealthy weight. Instead of fighting with plans that simply are not working or you end up gaining weight back once you are done, you can sign up for the HCG injection protocol in conjunction with the HCG diet plan.

Many people are turning to HCG because this is a weight loss plan that includes the use of natural hormone injections and a strict diet plan. When you work through the menu planning to fuel your body and you have human chorionic gonadotropin injections, you end up with the perfect balance to help you lose weight in a safe and effective manner.

Dr. Joseph Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal has been working with patients like you who want to write their own success story using HCG weight loss. When you sign on for this injection protocol, you will have authentic HCG for injecting, full details on the strict low-calorie diet plan, and all the guidance and support that you need. You have nothing to lose but the weight!

You can enjoy successful HCG weight loss in Chula Vista with help from Dr. Joseph Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal. Call (866) 296-2305 for an initial consultation.

Busting Some Common Myths About The HCG Diet In La Jolla

Busting Some Common Myths About The HCG Diet In La Jolla

With the number of people across the country that are dealing with some sort of weight loss issue, it is only natural that many are starting to look for safe, effective options for shedding the pounds. If you have been looking at the HCG diet in La Jolla, the chances are good that you see plenty of myths and misconceptions in your quest for information. Working with a professional will be your best bet as you try to wade through the myths to learn all about HCG and what it could mean for you.

HCG stands for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a hormone that is found within the human body during pregnancy. This hormone helps to support the growing fetus with nourishment. HCG has been approved for use in a range of medical applications, including fertility and more. If you are looking for a way to lose weight safely and effectively, HCG is also a viable option for both men and women who want to shed some excess fat.

Some of the top myths that you may have heard about HCG include:

  • This is a type of starvation diet, and you will end up losing a great deal of muscle. – This is false. While on the protocol, you will have a strict low-calorie diet. However, you are also on HCG that helps you to feel less hungry and have more energy. You will be burning fat, not losing muscle, and you will have the ability to balance out and adjust to the diet without feeling as though you are starving.
  • It will end up ruining your thyroid. – This is false. Some people who currently have thyroid issues have noted changes for the better after taking on the HCG diet. Some have also been able to cut back on their thyroid medications.
  • The damage done to your thyroid will make it difficult for you to lose weight on your own in the future. – This is false. The HCG diet helps you to strengthen your metabolism and helps you to kickstart your body’s natural ability to burn fat while keeping healthy muscle. Many patients see great success and the ability to maintain weight loss even after finishing the HCG protocol.
  • Your metabolism will be ruined. – This is false. Many patients will have a notable increase in their metabolism, making it stronger and more effective even after they are done with the diet protocol.
  • The weight will come back quickly due to all of the myths above. – Finally, false. Working with a professional like Dr. Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal will give you all the support and guidance you need to be successful on your HCG diet weight loss plan in La Jolla.

If you are interested in learning more about the HCG diet in La Jolla, all you have to do is give HCG Diet SoCal a call at (866) 296-2305 for a consultation.

Your Low-Calorie Diet And HCG In La Mesa

Your Low-Calorie Diet And HCG In La Mesa

There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to HCG in La Mesa and what the protocol involves. In order to get the best results from your HCG injections, you will need to have a strict, low-calorie diet. The more that you know about this hormone and how it works best, the easier it will be for you to have the right results.

Many people think that it is either difficult or daunting to stay on track with the low-calorie diet plan associated with the HCG protocol but it is not. This is a plan that includes 500 calories a day, which can sound scary to some people. However, you are not going to feel hungry or as though you are missing out on any foods. However, it may take a few days for you to get to the “sweet spot” where it no longer feels like such a strict diet. They key is really sticking in there and realizing that you have great results ahead of you.

It is important to remember that the low-calorie meal planning cannot consist of just any calories. It is important that you have the right combination of moderate carbohydrates and moderate protein as well as very little fat. Of course, you need to have plenty of water to stay hydrated and the HCG injection protocol in order for the “perfect storm” of the weight loss you are looking for.

Food options on the low-calorie diet will include:

  • Proteins such as lobster, shrimp, lean beef, chicken breast, white fish, etc.
  • Vegetables such as tomatoes, spinach, asparagus, cucumbers, celery, cabbage, etc.
  • Fruits such as orange, apple, strawberries, grapefruit, etc.
  • Starches such as melba toast or rounds, low-fat breadsticks, etc.

No matter what you are choosing in accordance with the diet planning, you need to be sure that you plan your meals out ahead of time. This will help you to make sure that you have what you need to eat, when you need it, which makes it so that you are not grabbing unapproved foods when you are starving.

Dr. Joseph Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal is available to assist with your meal planning and food choices to ensure your success while on the HCG diet protocol. If you are looking to enjoy weight loss with HCG in La Mesa, you will have all the guidance and support you need to succeed.

Are you looking to learn more about HCG in La Mesa and what the low-calorie diet consists of? Contact HCG Diet SoCal today at (866) 296-2305 for information.