Benefits of HCG

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HCG (or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is an all-natural hormone found in pregnant women that many people have experienced to be very effective for weight loss, both in men and women. In conjunction with a carefully controlled nutrition program, HCG is beneficial for those people looking to lose a little or a lot of excess body fat.

Each person’s metabolism and genetic makeup is unique; therefore, the HCG diet plan is carefully tailored to meet those particular needs.

Our comprehensive evaluation ensures that your specific course of action will be most effective for you.

We will conduct a consultation to locate any medical needs through your personal medical history, present day symptoms and physical findings. Our comprehensive programs uncover common issues with individuals that gain weight easily or have a hard time losing. Labs in some cases maybe recommended.

By following a medically controlled dietary plan and completing a daily regimen of HCG sublingual drops or injections for a pre-determined length of time, you can expect to lose from ½ to 1 pound each day – without feeling hungry or experiencing uncomfortable side effects.

HCG stimulates a number of hormonal affects and as well is thought to increase the conversion of fat into caloric needs. When a well-tailored program is followed the end result is weight loss with a stable metabolism, no muscle loss, no hunger and you don’t gain it back! Without excess weight you have more energy, look and feel younger and give your immune system and general health a boost. We tailor a program to your specific medical needs and consider modified caloric intake and activity levels.

In addition to an HCG course of therapy that can be continually monitored, we will provide tasty and nutritious recipes for you to follow at home that makes your diet easy and fun to follow. Food never tasted so good!

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