Book Your HCG Weight Loss Clinic Appointment In Newport Beach

Book Your HCG Weight Loss Clinic Appointment In Newport Beach

Losing weight with the boost that HCG can give you might be just what you need to hit your goals finally. The HCG diet plan is rapid, medical weight loss under the supervision of a health professional. Combined with a detailed diet filled with lean proteins and vegetables, you could start getting the healthier, more balanced lifestyle you have been looking for. It all starts by booking a consultation with a trusted HCG weight loss clinic in Newport Beach.

HCG Diet SoCal is Here to Help!

Dr. Dubroff has been working with countless patients just like you who are tired of fad diets, up and down weight losses and gains, and more. All you have to do is take the initial step for a consultation so that you can learn more and determine if this weight loss option is right for your lifestyle.

What About Strict Calories?

It is normal to feel that you may be starving if you are on such a low-calorie diet. During the HCG protocol, patients are restricted to anywhere between 500 to 1800 calories depending on various factors. However, what the HCG hormone injections do is kickstart your body and metabolism so that you are going to have more energy and not feel as hungry as you would while trying such a low-calorie food intake on your own.

Are the Injections Safe?

It is imperative that you only work with a trusted health professional when seeking HCG injection therapy. Dr. Dubroff will go over all the details with you about what the injections include, any possible side effects, and when you could start seeing results. These are all-natural HCG hormone injections, a hormone naturally found in women’s bodies during pregnancy. It is safe for use as an injectable by both men and women.

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