Cut Through The Myths About HCG In La Jolla

Cut Through The Myths About HCG In La Jolla

We have all seen it. There are tons of different diet plans and fads out there today that so many people are trying. When you hear about the HCG diet and all of the benefits, it is only natural to be skeptical about how it all works. However, the more that you learn about HCG in La Jolla and cut through the various myths, the closer you will be to finding the results you need once and for all.

The HGC diet plan is like no other plan available mainly because you have a natural path with human chorionic gonadotropin injections by prescription. This is a diet plan that has evolved quite a bit over the last couple of decades, which means that there are plenty of misconceptions and myths circulating as well. These are some of the common myths that you should know so that you can break through the noise and get to the heart of the real advantages.

This Diet Is Anti-Exercise – FALSE

While the original HCG diet plans did not require any sort of exercise, there is nothing keeping you from enjoying your favorite activities. When you are working under the guidance of a health professional such as a naturopath, you will have all of the guidance you need when it comes to walking, swimming, aerobics, and any of the other exercise routines that you enjoy regularly.

It Is Harmful To Your Body – FALSE

Keep in mind that HCG is a hormone that is found naturally in the bodies of pregnant females. The hormone is not dangerous and it can be used in small doses for this diet plan in both women and men to help mobilize stored fats. When you follow along with the protocol, this is a diet plan that is both safe and effective for weight loss.

HCG Does It All – FALSE

While HCG injections are the main platform of the diet plan, you need to have a strict and carefully-followed diet plan. The low-calorie diet plan guideline is there to fuel your body with the right nutrients so that you can lose weight safely.

Should you have any questions when it comes to these or any other things that you hear about HCG in La Jolla, you can contact Dr. Joseph Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal to get the real answers. You do have the ability to lose weight, have more energy, and boost your metabolism while using HCG injection therapy.

If you are ready to learn the real truth about HCG in La Jolla or to set up a time for an initial consultation, call HCG Diet SoCal today at (866) 296-2305 to talk with Dr. Dubroff.