Doctor Supervised HCG Injections in Elk Grove

doctor supervised HCG injections in Elk GroveThe HCG diet provides significant weight loss for dieters in a short period of time. For anyone interested in doctor supervised HCG injections in Elk Grove, the first step is to learn more about what it is and what it has to offer. The first step is to contact Dr. Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal, since he can provide insight to what the diet entails and the results dieters can achieve.

When contacting the office, patients are scheduled an initial consultation. During this consultation, they will be asked to fill out a comprehensive medical questionnaire and undergo a physical exam and medical lab work (if recommended). This is to ensure they can safely follow the HCG diet with no adverse side effects.

Once the initial evaluation period is complete, Dr. Dubroff will provide a customized diet plan for each patient. This will include information about their injections, as well as their customized eating plan. Typically, patients will eat a reduced calorie diet that consists of between 500 and 1,000 calories each day. Even with these reduced calories, most patients do not experience any hunger, since the shots that the urge to eat all the time away.

When the diet is followed, the injections are taken and plenty of water is consumed, dieters can expect to see weight loss of up to two pounds each day. This is done safely and under Dr. Dubroff’s supervision. This means that each step of the diet process is monitored to ensure dieters are healthy and that they are not having any adverse side effects. This is what truly sets apart the HCG diet from other popular options.

For anyone interested in learning more about doctor supervised HCG injections in Elk Grove, contacting HCG Diet SoCal at (949)444-4884 is the first step toward effective and lasting weight loss.