Doctor Supervised HCG Injections in Mission Viejo

doctor supervised HCG injections in Mission ViejoLosing weight just got easier with our doctor supervised HCG injections in Mission Viejo. Dr. Dubroff offers patients a full medical evaluation followed by HCG injections and a reduced calorie diet. This allows dieters to see a significant amount of weight loss in a relatively short period of time.

One of the biggest benefits offered by this weight loss plan is the fact that no exercise is necessary. In fact, Dr. Dubroff recommends that his patients cut out any vigorous activity altogether while following the HCG diet. The injections, along with a reduced calorie diet, which will typically be between 500 and 1,000 calories, will provide the significant weight loss.

Additionally, dieters do not typically experience any type of side effects while following this diet plan. The most common complaint is lightheadedness, which can easily be remedied by drinking more water. Dr. Dubroff will explain to each patient that drinking plenty of water is essential for success on this diet plan.

In addition to no side effects, dieters will also not experience the typical hunger pangs that are associated with dieting. This is due to the injections that they are receiving. Prior to beginning the HCG diet, Dr. Dubroff will provide an extensive medical exam and lab work (if recommended) to ensure it will be safe for the person to follow the diet. Once they begin, weight loss will be between one half and two pounds each and every day following the program.

This is not a short cut for weight loss. It is a safe and effective manner that works. Dieters have to follow the instructions and ensure they only eat the proper things and that they take their HCG injections each day.

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