FAQs About the HCG Weight Loss Program

Q: How much weight can I expect to lose?
A: By following a medically controlled dietary plan and completing a daily regimen of HCG injections for a pre-determined length of time, you can expect to lose from ½ to 1 pound each day – without feeling hungry or experiencing uncomfortable side effects. Our patients have lost up to 40 pounds on the HCG weight loss program.

Q: How is a doctor-supervised program different from other weight loss programs?
A: Our comprehensive evaluation ensures that your specific course of action will be most effective for you. Each person’s metabolism and genetic makeup is unique; therefore, the HCG diet plan is carefully tailored to meet those particular needs. What works for someone else might not work for you, and our naturopathic doctor understands this and will help set YOU up for success based on your individual needs. You will have access to Dr. Dubroff 7 days a week to help answer your questions and guide you through your weight loss program.

Q: I have seen HCG for sale online. Isn’t that the same as what I could get from HCG Diet SoCal?
A: There are many places that may claim to sell a safe HCG hormone product. We strongly recommend you do not purchase HCG from anyone who is not a credible and reputable health care provider. By not purchasing HCG from a licensed health care provider, you run the risk of purchasing  a fraudulent or unsafe product. HCG Diet SoCal obtains HCG from a FDA certified and regulated pharmacy for the best quality and results.

Q: Is HCG safe?
A: HCG (or human chorionic gonadotropin) is an all-natural hormone. While HCG is typically  found in pregnant women, it is safe for both men and women to use to aid in weight loss when prescribed under the supervision of a health care provider.

Q: Will I have to exercise a lot  to get the results I want?
A: Light exercise may be recommended to boost results. However, most patients will find that HCG stimulates a number of hormonal affects and is thought to increase the conversion of fat into caloric needs, and a controlled diet alone can achieve desired results without the need for vigorous exercise.  When a well-tailored program is followed the end result is weight loss with a stable metabolism, no muscle loss, no hunger and you don’t gain it back!

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