HCG Diet in Newport Beach

HCG Diet in Newport BeachOur HCG Diet in Newport Beach utilizes the HCG hormone, which is naturally produced by women during pregnancy. The diet includes injections of this hormone, along with a 500 calorie diet. The diet plan that is used is only for individuals who have a significant amount of weight to lose – more than 20 pounds is the general rule of thumb.

HCG Diet SoCal offers this diet to patients after careful evaluation of their current health and condition. However, each plan is customized based on each clients specific needs. For example, one patient may be restricted to a 500 calorie diet while another will be instructed to consume 1,000 calories a day. This is the ongoing care and monitoring that we offer, making our services much different than a number of other naturopathic doctors offering a similar diet plan.

For anyone ready to experience the extreme weight loss offered by the HCG Diet, contacting HCG Diet SoCal is the first step. This will begin the evaluation process. A medical questionnaire will be filled out by potential patients and then a medical exam.  These tests will also help us develop a patient’s customized plan.

When the diet is begun, patients are closely monitored by our professional medical staff to ensure that weight loss is being achieved in a healthy and safe manner. We will also make adjustments to the plan if the need arises. However, usual results show a significant weight loss for patients as well as a significant reduction in appetite, which means that patients will not feel hungry even with the reduced calorie diet.

For more information on HCG Diet in Newport Beach, contact HCG Diet SoCal at (949)444-4884 for a consultation today. We look forward to assisting you with your weight loss goals.