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There is never any reason why you should feel as though you have to suffer with the inability to lose weight and then successfully keep it off. The HCG Diet in Thousand Oaks, with the help of HCG Diet SoCal, will give you all of the information, tools and power that you need to break the cycle and start to look and feel your absolute best.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the HCG hormone and how it works, with many people thinking that this is a dangerous option for males. However, the fact of the matter is that the HCG hormone is already produced in both males and females. The difference is that it is produced in higher amounts by females when they are pregnant.

What Does This Mean For Weight Loss?

When you introduce HCG into the body at regular intervals, along with proper diet and exercise, you will have the ability to kick start the body and its metabolism to start burning fat. By taking on a low calorie diet, making sure that you are in a great mental state and that you are on track with solid goals for losing weight, you are going to see success after working with HCG Diet SoCal.

You deserve options and another fighting chance at losing weight. The HCG hormone is a natural, safe and effective way to flip a switch inside your body to help with burning fat, giving you more energy and getting you on track for optimum wellness.

HCG Diet SoCal is available to go over all of your options when it comes to the HCG Diet in Thousand Oaks. Call the office today at (866) 296-2305 and you will have the ability to learn all about setting up a time for a consultation, or to get started on your weight loss journey.

Our HCG Hormone is sourced from a FDA Certified and Regulated Pharmacy.

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More Than Just a Diet

Every weight loss program has varying factors that must be taken into consideration if positive results are to be attained. For instance, one must check for possible medical conditions that would affect one’s overall health in their quest to lose weight. A series of questions followed by appropriate lab work, if necessary, will determine if there are medical issues that need to be addressed to set you up for success.

Personalized Service at Affordable Rates

Truly Personalized and one-on-one services. Dr.Dubroff works with each patient in order to reach your weight loss and lifestyle goals safely.