HCG Diet – Is HCG Still Available?

HCG Diet - Is HCG Still Available?Holistic Solutions has the answers you have been searching for regarding safe, effective HCG weight loss. With all the lesser HCG products available online, it can be challenging to determine what is the best avenue to take. Yes, HCG is still available, but you must look for supervised injection therapy under the guidance of a licensed wellness practitioner. If you live in the Norwalk area, you can talk with Dr. Dubroff to find out if HCG prescription therapy is right for you!

Why Do I Have To Get A Prescription?

All it takes is a quick search, and you will find many companies and websites that sell various HCG products that are not safe or effective. Many products that claim to be HCG will not even contain it. Unfortunately, many dieters are duped by companies’ false claims that they have pure, prescription-grade HCG.

If you are not getting HCG prescribed by a health professional, then the source/percentage of HCG could be diluted or ineffective, and it is not regulated. Rather than wasting your money or taking the chance of impurities entering your system, making an appointment to see Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions is the answer.

Be Smart And Safe With Authentic HCG

It is essential to get HCG for weight loss from a licensed professional because the pharmaceutical-grade HCG injections have the right amounts your body needs to tackle your fat stores rather than your structural fats and lean muscle. A lesser product like HCG drops could mean losing muscle rather than weight or having unwanted, adverse side effects. It is better to enter this diet while under supervision so it is worthwhile and you are as safe as possible.

Supervised HCG injections for weight loss are still available and ready to help Norwalk residents reach their goals. Call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305.