HCG in La Mesa

HCG Weight Loss in La Jolla

HCG weight loss in La JollaLosing weight can be a daily struggle for many people. However, HCG Diet SoCal offers a unique program that will provide safe, quick and effective weight loss. This program is our HCG weight loss in La Jolla.

What is HCG? This is a hormone that occurs naturally in women when they are pregnant, which was first discovered to aid weight loss in 1954. Since then, technology has evolved and developed it into an effective method for quick weight loss of up to two pounds each day.

The key to success is following the plan supplied by HCG Diet SoCal. Dieters cannot substitute foods or “skip” a day. If they do, they will not have as much success as they potentially could if following the diet plan properly.

The good news is that even with the reduced calorie diet that is going to be required, dieters will not feel hungry. HCG works as a type of appetite suppressant, in addition to burning excess fat deposits, making losing weight easier than ever before.

HCG Diet SoCal will schedule an appointment for an initial consultation to review the strategy and discuss all options. During this consultation, our doctor will evaluate a person’s current health and recommend lab work if deemed necessary. If labs are ordered, once the results are received, our doctor will create a custom diet – which includes using the HCG injections or sublingual drops. The effective nature of this diet makes it easy to lose weight without exercise.

For anyone wanting more information about HCG weight loss in La Jolla, contact HCG Diet SoCal today, at (866) 296-2305. Our HCG is both safe and effective and sourced from an FDA Certified & Regulated Pharmacy.