HCG Weight Loss in La Mesa

HCG weight loss in La MesaBeing overweight can reduce a person’s overall quality of life including both happiness overall health. The good news is that there is a viable, effective and safe solution – HCG weight loss in La Mesa.

When a potential dieter first contacts HCG Diet SoCal, we will provide an initial consultation with our specialist Dr. Dubroff. For anyone who needs to lose over 20 pounds and is in relatively good health, this plan can be the solution for their weight issues they have been seeking.

In order to successfully lose weight on our HCG diet plan, dieters have to follow it as instructed. Each day dieters will have to take an injection or sublingual drop. Additionally, they will be consuming a reduced calorie diet. However, unlike traditional diets, dieters will not feel the typical hunger pains. In fact, if they stay properly hydrated, they should not experience any type of side effects at all.

The weight loss that is seen when following this plan is significant and can be as much as two pounds each day. If a stall in weight loss occurs, our doctor can help to reevaluate the plan to ensure everything is being followed properly and adjust any instructions as needed.

Following the HCG diet plan, a significant weight loss will be seen in a short period of time as well as an increase in energy, well being, and stamina.  Our HCG is from only the best FDA Certified and Regulated pharmacy and is of the highest quality available.

HCG is Safe and Effective when assisted by professionals. Call HCG Diet SoCal today at (866) 296-2305 for doctor supervised HCG weight loss in La Mesa.