HCG Weight Loss in Menifee

HCG Weight Loss in MenifeeThere is no question that with all the diets and variety of programs available today knowing what works and what is safe is more of a challenge then ever. HCG Diet SoCal offers HCG weight loss in Menifee for anyone who needs to lose over 20 pounds and is looking for the most safe and effective options available.

HCG is a hormone that occurs naturally in a woman’s body when pregnant and has been proven effective in fighting fat deposits. The hormone can be given as an injection or a sublingual drop and can to lose weight in a natural way.

The weight loss is not typical of a regular diet. In fact, dieters can see results within 24 hours of starting the plan. Each day, dieters can expect to see weight loss of up to two pounds – this quick and effective weight loss provides motivation to continue following the program.

In addition to taking injections or sublingual drops of the HCG hormone, those following the plan will eat a reduced calorie diet. This diet will typically range between 500 and 1,000 calories each day, depending on each individuals needs. Even with this reduction in food intake, dieters do not experience the typical hunger pains, making weight loss easier than ever before.

For anyone looking for a fast and effective way to lose the weight for good, the HCG diet plan is definitely one they should consider. Our HCG plan is supervised by a doctor to ensure that only the safest methods are used at all times.

We offer customized plans and a full health review for patients, so call HCG Diet SoCal today to learn more about the HCG weight loss in Menifee at (949)444-4884.