HCG Weight Loss Vs. Bariatric Surgery

HCG Weight Loss Vs. Bariatric Surgery

Anyone can tell you that obesity has turned into a major epidemic across the United States on both a social and medical level. This situation does not seem it will improve anytime soon, leaving many people looking for alternatives to diet and exercise to lose weight successfully. Suppose you have been contemplating drastic measures like bariatric surgery. In that case, you should know you can achieve safe and effective weight loss while harnessing natural HCG benefits near El Monte.

You will notice several similarities when looking at the diet patterns of many overweight patients. Many people struggling with weight loss tend to have several simple carbohydrates and sugars in their diet. If you want to lose weight successfully, cutting these things whenever possible is best. However, the body tends to become addicted to these sugary and processed foods, leaving patients unable to cut the cravings to lose weight.

With bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery, you will undergo an invasive procedure to restrict your stomach or even change the size of your stomach pouch. This is done to help limit the food you can take at once. However, many patients still go through the cravings and end up overeating to the point that they will stretch out their stomachs again. All this does is make it so that the weight loss surgery results that were once beneficial no longer work as they should.

With HCG injection therapy, you will have an all-natural way of losing weight while cutting out the cravings. HCG, or human chorionic gonadotropin, is a hormone naturally found within the female body during pregnancy. The body will jumpstart into weight loss mode with a stringent low-calorie diet when introduced in small amounts.

You do have options when it comes to safe and effective weight loss instead of opting for surgery. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 for information on enjoying HCG benefits near El Monte.