Investing In Yourself With Naturopathic HCG Therapy Near Pasadena

Investing In Yourself With Naturopathic HCG Therapy Near Pasadena

Losing weight is a lot more than just looking good. Being overweight is a significant health risk factor that can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and more. If you have been in a constant battle with your weight and are tired of the yo-yo diets, you may want to consider naturopathic HCG therapy near Pasadena with Holistic Solutions. This medically supervised program provides safe, healthy weight loss that is not stressful to the body. You will have care and guidance as you lose fat while preserving muscle while having appetite control, and maintaining energy.

What is HCG Weight Loss?

Being on an HCG diet is safe as long as you do not get sucked into many fads and scams offered online today. When you work with a licensed medical professional, you will embark on a low-calorie, healthy diet combined with regular HCG hormone injections. Injections are self-administered to help mobilize fat reserves with the right calories to kick the body into fat-burning mode.

But, What is HCG?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone found in high quantities within the female body during pregnancy. It can be used safely as a healthy weight-loss tool for both males and females.

Why Does HCG Work for Rapid Weight Loss?

This is not a crash diet. The low-calorie diet used with HCG diets provides the perfect nutrition your body needs. Think of it as the right balance as your body works through the fat stores it has been holding onto. You will burn fat while consuming essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. You will not be losing muscle as the body mobilizes the fat reserves that it has for energy. HCG works to reverse all stressful and negative effects that a low-calorie diet may otherwise cause.

HCG therapy near Pasadena may be what you need to get on track with your weight loss goals. Call Holistic Solutions at (866) 296-2305 to learn more.