Is the HCG Diet Right For Me?

HCG diet in Mission ViejoWhile researching your options in weight loss from a naturopathic standpoint, it is best that you dive deeper into the HCG diet in Mission Viejo and what it means for you.

How Does HCG Work?

HCG stands for human chorionic gonadatropin, which is a hormone that is naturally found in the female human body during pregnancy, where the levels will double every two days during gestation. This is a hormone that actually allows the body to mobilize fat so that it can be used as energy for both the fetus and the mother, as sort of a fail safe mechanism whenever energy required right away. For use in weight loss, HCG in small amounts can be very beneficial. When you use HCG in this way, it is not going to mimic pregnancy at all, which means that it can be used by both women and men without any side effects.

Is HCG Diet Safe?

Using HCG for weight loss is extremely safe. During pregnancy, women will experience very high levels of HCG without any adverse side effects, so the small amount that would be used for weight loss measures will not be dangerous in any way.

Of course, it is going to be important that you only go with an HCG product that is available through your professional naturopath. While working closely with HCG Diet SoCal HCG Weight Loss, you will not only have high quality HCG, but you will have the guidance and insight necessary for you to be successful on your weight loss journey.

What About A Low Calorie Diet?

It is always possible to be able to lose weight while eating much less fat and fewer calories. However, the body is known for storing up fat when it is in a time of deprivation, so the chances are good that you will end up losing bone and muscle before the fat. When you use HCG as part of your weight loss plan, along with a low calorie diet, you will have the ability to mobilize the fat stores to burn that off instead.

Additionally, because the body is using fat as the energy source, it will naturally reduce your appetite, meaning that you are not going to be having the feeling of being deprived as you are trying to lose weight. On average, a patient who is going through with an HCG weight loss program with a naturopath can expect to lose anywhere from 15 to 20 lbs every month. However, there sill be some people that lose a much higher percentage point of their total loss in the initial two weeks of starting the regimen.

If you have questions regarding the ability to lose weight safely using an HCG diet, you will be best off talking with a professional naturopath that understand all of the natural processes of the body and the impact of supplementation.

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