Menu Planning And Nutrition While Using HCG In San Diego


Menu Planning And Nutrition While Using HCG In San Diego

Even though it might be common to think about the HCG diet plan as a way to lose weight while all discipline goes out the window, you still need to be mindful of the foods that you are eating. When you decide to embark on a journey for weight loss with HCG in San Diego, the more that you know about food choices and nutrition, the better off you will be.

With the diet planning portion of the HCG injection protocol, the food intake is limited, so choices are vital to your success. You also need to know that different foods correspond with each phase of the diet regiment. The best options overall remain to be those that are organic, fresh and prepared right at home so that you can make sure you control what is going into the prep and cooking. Processed foods must be avoided at all times because they are loaded with artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Phase I of the HCG diet includes eating specific foods in large amounts. This is the time to eat foods that are right in quality fats and proteins while avoiding things that are high in carbohydrates and sugars.

Phase II of the HCG diet must not go over 500 calories each day. Sugars, bread, and fatty foods are not allowed during this phase, so you have to stick to things like fish, chicken breast, and fresh fruits and veggies.

Do you want to know more about these phases and the other phases of the HCG diet? The best way to have all of the information at your fingertips is by working with a trained naturopath. Dr. Joseph Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal will gladly set you up with a consultation so that you can start in on your weight loss journey. This includes authentic HCG hormone injectables along with all of the guidance and counseling that you need to achieve success.

Nutrition is important now and always. Call HCG Diet SoCal at (866) 296-2305 to learn more about menu planning and food choices while using HCG in San Diego.