Naturopathic principles

mind, body, spirit, soul and youHCG Diet SoCal is proud and committed to provide naturopathic solutions to combat common or not so common health problems.

Our non-toxic practices utilize safe, time-tested and well researched products and procedures that have been proven to achieve the results you desire.

We believe in treating the whole individual so that complete success can be assured and obtained. When you seek our services for treatment, you are guaranteed that we practice honest and effective naturopathic principles:

  • We promise to recognize and treat the underlying cause of your specific concern, as relieving only the symptoms does not eliminate the problem. Our services include evaluation of all areas of your body and your life to pinpoint possible hormonal and nutritional imbalances.
  • Our clinician will treat your physical body, emotional state, mental health and spiritual well-being in an all-encompassing manner to affect the greatest results possible.
  • HCG Diet SoCal believes in the restorative healing power of nature and is pleased to promote the body’s self-healing Our bodies are completely capable of restoration. Dr. Dubroff facilitates the process to identify and remove barriers to good health and effective recovery. Together we will recover a healthy internal and external environment.
  • We are pleased to offer proper awareness of mindful healthy nutritional practices and strong understanding of the most effective methods to ensure the best health attainable. We teach you what to do so you can control your own treatment.

To learn more about Naturopathy and the Naturopathic solutions offered by HCG Diet SoCal, please click here to visit our Naturopathic site.

Call HCG Diet SoCal today in San Diego at (866) 296-2305 or in Mission Viejo at (949) 444-4884 to schedule a confidential appointment to discuss naturopathic treatment for your specific situation. We look forward to helping you achieve total health in a safe, completely natural way.