The Effectiveness of Naturopathic HCG in Newport Beach

It’s unfortunate when some people decide it is time to lose weight, they automatically look to the stores for those, ‘get skinny quick’ diet pills. The truth is, these pills don’t really do much but pad the pockets of the manufacturer. The next thing many people may do is check out the cost of a gym membership. Boy, are they in for a surprise. Somewhere deep down, most people understand that in order to lose weight, a change in life style has to occur. For this, a person’s time may best be spent in consultation with a certified naturopathic counselor about the effectiveness of naturopathic HCG in Newport Beach.

Naturopathic HCG in Newport Beach

As the word implies, the premise of naturopathy is based on achieving health and wellness using much of the body’s own abilities. For those seeking to lose twenty pounds or more, considering the use of HCG, (human chorionic gonadotropin) may be the way to go. A 100% naturally produced substance, HCG has shown to suppress an individuals appetite, burn body fat but leave muscle where it belongs.

Although naturopathic HCG is just that, natural, the treatment plan is fully medically assisted. An individual can expect to lose up to one pound per day. Although a tailor made diet plan is prepared for each person and the appetite is subdued, there are no uncomfortable hunger pains. It is important that each person is monitored closely to ensure they are receiving the proper amount of nutrients while undergoing this highly effective naturopathic treatment.

For more information or to inquire if you would be a good candidate for naturopathic HCG in Newport Beach, give HCG Diet SoCal a call today at (949)444-4884. An effective weight loss, tailor made for you.