The Importance of Proper Hydration while Following a Weight Loss Plan

HCG treatment in La Jolla There are a number of dieters that are unaware that significant weight loss goes hand in hand with proper hydration. When a person is properly hydrated it will help with their metabolic rate, creating an environment for faster weight loss. The water works to flush out the fat that is being burned with the HCG treatment in La Jolla and will help to prevent constipation.

While staying hydrated is important for anyone following a weight loss plan, those who are following the HCG diet plan are especially prone to adverse effects of dehydration. Some of the benefits offered when a dieter remains properly hydrated includes: better sleep; increased energy; better digestion; appetite suppressant; flush away toxins; and improves metabolism.

During a recent German study that involved 14 different participants, it was found that when the participants drank at minimum 16 ounces of water, it increase their metabolism by 1/3 in the first ten minutes of drinking the water. It was also discovered that the individual’s metabolism would stay up for an additional half hour.

This means that if those following the HCG diet would increase their water consumption by approximately 50 ounces each day, they could burn as much as 17,400 calories, or five pounds of total fat. Tis is due to the actual water and does not include the fact that this will also reduce the hunger a dieter feels and increase energy.

Regardless of if a person is losing weight by following the HCG diet, or an additional weight loss program, it is important to have the toxins flushed from the body in order to remain healthy and promote superior fat burning. If the liver becomes sluggish due to a toxin overload, then it will not be able to efficiently burn fat.

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