Truly Personalized Services


As each individual in this world is uniquely and wonderfully different, it makes sense that every person responds in his own way and in his own time to both conventional and naturopathic medical treatments. This is particularly true with HCG weight loss services that are so popular today.

Dr. Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal recognize that HCG services must be personalized exclusively for each person undergoing this weight loss treatment option. We will work together to determine a healthy weight loss goal that is safe and realistic for you. When these objectives have been obtained, we can personally tailor your HCG weight loss plan specifically to meet your needs.

This is not true of so-called homeopathic HCG available on the internet for purchase. With our truly personalized HCG services, we will work closely with you to record your progress and provide detailed nutritional counseling to ensure your success. Use of real HCG products protects your body’s metabolic tasks while significantly reducing your appetite, thereby allowing you to safely drop several pounds per week in carefully and closely observed conditions.

Consult the knowledgeable and experienced clinicians at HCG Diet SoCal today at (949) 444-4884 in Mission Viejo or (866) 296-2305 in San Diego about a safe HCG weight loss plan that we will design exclusively for you. Enjoy natural and healthy weight loss that you can maintain for years to come.