Who Could Benefit From Seeing An HCG Weight Loss Doctor Near Oceanside?

Who Could Benefit From Seeing An HCG Weight Loss Doctor Near Oceanside?

We are seeing a huge shift in society in regards to our approach to health care. Gone are the days when a person feels ill, visits the doctor’s office, and receives a prescription for what is ailing that patient. But whether or not that approach works or not is a different story. Today, rather than focusing solely on the patient’s symptoms for what they are, taking a more holistic and naturopathic approach is where a patient or individual really begins to see the effects. Here are some benefits you can look forward to when working with an HCG Weight Loss Doctor near Oceanside that you can look forward to:

Customized, Comprehensive Evaluation

HCG Diet SoCal will conduct a customized, comprehensive evaluation of a patient’s medical history as well as their health issues. Regardless of whether they are battling weight loss and weight management, every patient truly benefits from a preliminary comprehensive evaluation. This sets up the game plan for success.

Sticking to the Plan

By following a carefully selected and controlled dietary plan, individuals and patients can focus on weight loss and weight management goals and even begin to see some of their symptoms clear up over time. In fact, many individuals who have followed the dietary plan have lost an average of ½ to 1 pound each day – without feeling hungry or experiencing uncomfortable side effects.

Honing in on Hormones

One element of the HCG diet is hormones. Many hormonal effects are directly related to the conversion of fat into caloric needs. Therefore, with a well-tailored program, a patient can expect to have a stable metabolism without resulting in muscle loss or overwhelming hunger!

For more information on how HCG Diet SoCal can take a naturopathic approach to your health needs—including weight loss and weight management, and learn more about HCG dieting, contact Dr. Joseph Dubroff today. Call (866) 296-2305 for a consultation with an HCG weight loss doctor near Oceanside.