Will I Feel Like I Am Starving While On HCG Therapy?

Will I Feel Like I Am Starving While On HCG Therapy?

Contrary to many misconceptions, you will not feel as though you are starving when undergoing HCG therapy near Antioch. HCG helps curb appetite, so you only have to take in nutrients your body needs. Additionally, no matter your diet plan, there is nothing wrong with having some different and creative food ideas up your sleeve.

Over time, many people on the HCG diet have experimented with the foods to be used on the phase 2 portion of the diet. The approved foods in phase 2 make up quite an extensive list if you are looking for great options.

Your Food Choices Do Not Have To Be Boring!

Here are just a few of the different meals that you can use and get creative with your food choices:

Lettuce Tacos – Take lean ground beef, chicken, turkey, or buffalo and sauté it with onion, garlic, or some of your favorite slices. All you have to do is add the mixture to a ‘taco shell” of romaine lettuce or endive and then top with your favorite clean salsa.

Stuffed Peppers – This classic favorite is suitable for anyone following an HCG diet plan! Pick your favorite color peppers, clean them out and stuff them with ground turkey, beef, chicken, or buffalo, using your favorite seasonings and some parsley on top and bake in the oven.

Baked Apple – The HCG diet does not have to leave you feeling like you are missing out on the sweet stuff. Take apples, halve and core them and bake in the oven for around 45 mins at 350. You can splash a bit of lemon, stevia, and cinnamon on top for a decadent result!

Lemonade – Take a Meyer lemon half and squeeze it into your glass of water and add a few stevia drops and a few mint sprigs for taste. Your lemon water can even be made in advance to have a quick and refreshing beverage on the go.

There are plenty of creative food ideas for HCG therapy near Antioch. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 to learn more about your options and treatments.