Your Options In HCG Weight Loss Programs

HCG weight loss in TorranceWhen it comes to losing weight, you need to do all that you can to be sure that everything is done as safely as possible. The last thing you will want is to lose weight and then find out that you have done some sort of damage to your body. This is where learning about all of your options in HCG weight loss in Torrance can come in very handy. All it takes is a phone call to HCG Diet SoCal so that you can set up a time for an initial consultation with Dr. Joseph Dubroff.

It Is Easy To Get Started!

You may be ready to lose weight, but you should also know that the HCG diet plan with HCG Diet SoCal is easy to get started. As long as you follow along with all of the guidelines and tips, you will see that the pounds can start to just melt away.

With the HCG diet plan, you will be limiting your caloric intake to just 500 calories each day. While this may seem scary, you are not going to feel any hungrier. You just may find that it will take a few days to get to the point of not feeling hungry. However, many people on the diet say that they never notice any major cravings.

Of course, the low calorie diet never means just any old calories. You are not able to eat whatever you want and still have the weight come off. Dr. Joseph Dubroff will go over the entire listing of foods with you for the diet plan, which will include moderate carbs, very little fat, moderate proteins and plenty of water along with your HCG hormone injections.

Why Does HCG Work So Well?

HCG is a hormone that impacts the hypothalamus of the brain, allowing your body to use fat as a source of energy whenever food is not readily available. This is a protocol that will allow both men and women the ability to live safely off of their excess stored body fat without the worry of losing any muscle mass. While taking in HCG, the brain will be able to easily regulate the metabolic system.

While you work with Dr. Joseph Dubroff, you will have all of the guidance, information and ongoing help that you need to not only lose the excess weight that you have been holding onto, but you will also be able to keep it off. Unlike any other diet plan, the HCG hormone will help to retrain your brain and body so that you are able to burn off fat easily and stay a healthy weight. You will never feel as though you are starving and you will be free of toxic chemicals, fad diets and any of the potential side effects that come with some of the other options that are available today.

To learn more about all of your options in HCG weight loss in Torrance, call HCG Diet SoCal for information at (949)444-4884, or book a consultation!