nutritionFood as medicine is a statement from the history books of health and healing. Through proper diet and ways of life one can direct their lot in life. It seems so obvious but for some time now conventional wisdom has looked down upon this concept. But modern research has shown again and again the truth of this sentiment. We now know that most of the major health concerns that plague us have many of their routes in poor diet, exercise, stress and lifestyle choices.

Excessive inflammation and metabolic metabolic syndrome are now being recognized as the cause of many chronic health concerns.

Poor exercise, high stress and poor nutritional habits have a very large impact on health

Food Allergy Testing

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Metabolic Syndrome

There is so much that can be done with nutrition alone. Metabolic syndrome is a leading cause of the development of many chronic health conditions, such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, Dementia, diabetes and many many others.

Metabolic syndrome is greatly responsible for the development of the epidemic of chronic disease in the USA. The good news is that this is a syndrome of poor nutrition and lifestyle. the syndrome can be detected via basic blood work.

A nutritional consultation with a Naturopathic doctor is the right choice for prevention of this deadly common syndrome. Naturopathic doctors are trained like no other doctoral level medical professional to educate the public on how to combat this growing American syndrome.

The Power of Nutrition

The following is a short list of foods that have scientific validation in treating disease.
These results are independent of larger dietary changes. Keep in mind that a naturopathic program is a comprehensive program. We will work with your diet on a larger sense then making a single food item recommendation. Not to mention classical homeopathy, functional medicine as a whole and bioidentical hormones if you so chose. Health restoration is the name of the game. You are going to love the results!


Studies say three sticks of celery a day will lower your blood pressure (systolic and diastolic).

Cardiovascular Health in General

A carton of blueberries or a glass of red wine a day.


Research has shown promising results by avoiding the potato family (Solanaceae) for six months. Solanacea = Potato, eggplant, tomato, peppers, black pepper, tobacco.

Natural Blood Thinners

Many mushrooms are potent blood thinners. In fact mushrooms of certain medicinal/nutritional quality are contraindicated when blood thinning medications are being used, such as Coumadin. Of course now a days mushrooms have also showed themselves to be powerful immune stimulants in the treatment of cancer.


Ginger is great for nausea during pregnancy.

Macular Degeneration

Regular and consistent carrots really are medically great for your eyes as they contain beta-Carotene which happen to be a safer form of Vitamin A.Vitamin A is known to have countless health research related indications. Macular degeneration is a serious disease that one can lose their site over it is best to consult a doctor to confirm treatment progress. That being said I have seen great results over many cases with a single combination product I use in clinical practice.

Prevention of Breast Cancer

Extracts of Broccoli have clearly proven in research to protect the body from estrogen based cancers. One caveat is that you need to eat 3 lbs of broccoli. Time for a supplement I assume! The idea here is this extract helps detox estrogen from the body via regulating liver enzymes that process estrogen hormones. It must be keep in mind that treatment for cancer is never as simple as one item. The point here is 3 lbs of brocolli is just one nutritional recommendation for prevention. There are many other nutritional/supplemental products to aide the body in its ongoing fight of cancer.

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