Our Prices & Services

HCG Appointments:

All Hcg appointments include a consultation, program materials, the Hcg hormone, all the supplies needed and access with the Doctor 7 days a week.

  • 33 day HCG program:
    • Initial Appt $330
    • Any next 33 day program $230

Want to do the HCG Weight Loss Program from the comfort of your own home? Learn more about our Telemedicine HCG Weight Loss Program

Skinny Shots:

Metabolic support and fat processing

  • $25/ weekly injections.
  • Pre-purchase 4 and receive 5.

GAC Shots:

Injectable L-arginine to increase circulation, L-carnitine to burn fat and L-glutamine to build muscle. These are great for when just working out isn’t enough or if you want a top result with Hcg.

  • $180/ 1 month treatment.

L-Carnitine Shots:

Injectable L-carnitine is great to burn fat with or without Hcg!

  • $150/ 1 month treatment.


This is a terrific sculpting, skin tightening and cellulite machine. This provides off the table results!

  • $100/ treatment

General Medicine & Bioidentical Consult:

Get at the bottom of your health concerns. Visit our general medicine website to learn more at: www.holisticsolutionsdoc.com

  • $250/ 1.5 hour initial consultation General Medicine or $330 for Weight Loss
  • $100/ 1 hour follow up

Other services vary in pricing, please call for more information.