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Weight Loss

Absolutely fantastic experience with Dr. Dubroff at Holistic Solutions. I had no clue what to expect when I went to this office, but I don’t regret going and recommend others to him every chance someone asks. Others I have recommended all saw success in their weight loss goals as well. Not only does he assist with weight loss, at a fraction of the cost of other clinics I might add, he provides an overall holistic approach as well. He was able to assist with me hormonal issues, acne, asthma, and migraines. I saw him over a 2 month period and never felt better. My skin was clear and I was headache free. Additionally, I lost some stubborn weight! He is easy to schedule an appointment with and quick to respond if you have questions. I would recommend him to anyone. You won’t be disappointed.
-Eric B

HCG Weight Loss

Last January, my wife signed up with Dr. Dubroff to shed some pounds with HCG. She wanted me to sign up too. It sounded strange to me, but since she really wanted an HCG diet partner, I went along for the ride. My consultation with Dr. Dubroff was fun and relieved my anxiety. I also appreciated his clear explanations and flexibility on method. I was not the best patient, because I wasn’t strict about the diet. However, I was so encouraged with the results, I signed up for another round, settling in 20 pounds down and feeling great. I highly recommend him.
-Eric B

HCG Weight Loss and Anti-Aging & Sports Nutrition

I’ve been seeing Dr. Dubroff for 3 months. I find him to have excellent diagnostic skills, very strong pharmacology competence and a wonderful attention to patients. I initially went to see him for advice on weight loss, but have since added some anti-aging, nutrition and fitness regiments to my program. All these programs have been very successful and I am very happy with all aspects of Dr. Dubroff’s practice. On top of everything else, his pricing is extremely competitive and fair to patients. I highly recommend using him for all types of diet, nutrition, fitness and other holistic needs.

— Mark L.

Weight Loss (HCG)

I met dr Joe about a month ago and he was very friendly and informative. It was a great experience for me. We discussed weight loss (hcg) and he gave me all the need to know, must know, etc.

Easy to get in touch with. Not trying to gouge your pocketbook. Will be honest with you and personable.

— J W.

Hcg Weight Loss

Dr.Dubroff is friendly, easy to talk to and very informative Started seeing him for the hcg diet about 3 weeks into this now and have to say I’ve gained so much more than I had hoped to about myself, it’s more than a diet it’s a life changing experience. And this diet works!
-Melissa A

HCG Weight Loss

I am extremely satisfied with the service, expertise, and caring of Dr Dubroff. He truly takes a proactive approach to making sure that his patients have all of their questions answered and makes himself available on multiple sources of communication. I can text, call, or email and he is always responsive. He cares about the short term and the long term success and vitality of his patients. The prices are affordable and for the service and care provided, are actually a bargain. I have lost 40lbs with Dr Dubroff and I am on track to lose another 30. Thank you for a life changing experience and helping me to do what I could never do on my own!

—John M.

30 Day HCG Weight Loss Program

I did a 30-day Hcg program with Dr. Dubroff and lost approx. 20 pounds. What I loved about the program was Dr. Dubroff’s accessibility- he answered my questions throughout the program consistently via text and in person and customized my diet to my lifestyle. He gave me a lot of tips that one wouldn’t receive doing a standard informal
diet elsewhere. I recommend the programs and solutions offered by Dr. Dubroff wholeheartedly!

—Stephanie B.

HCG Weight Loss

5 stars for Dr Dubroff at HCG Diet SoCal!  I had been struggling with weight loss and decided to look into the HCG diet/injections.  I contacted Dr Dubroff via telephone and he was professional, friendly able to answer all my questions and concerns and I was able to schedule an appointment quickly and easily that would work with my busy schedule.  After a careful and thorough review of my health history and recent lab work to insure I would be an appropriate candidate for the HCG program, we made a plan for hcg injections.  Dr Dubroff provided a full explanation of how the injections work, meal plans and dietary requirements and made sure I understood everything before leaving his office and provided me with lots of information on meal suggestions, nutrition and other suggestions/information to address a few other areas of concern I had mentioned while reviewing my health history, such as migraines and seasonal allergies. (He is a holistic/naturapathic doctor as well and can help with other issues.) I had weekly follow-ups and he was readily available for questions and answers via email and telephone whenever needed, even on weekends! I chose to do the 40-day HCG program and was able to quickly and easily lose 25 lbs! I was very satisfied with his services and recommended him to my friends (who also went to see Dr Dubroff and lost 20 lbs!). Three months later I am still on track and have been able to maintain my weight loss and continue to follow the healthy eating plan (lifestyle change, really!) thanks to  Dr Dubroff.

—Jill M.

HCG Weight Loss

I was looking for assistance with weight loss and after scouring the web I turned to Dr. Joseph Dubroff. He was available and worked with my hectic work schedule. I was able to get in with him at 6 PM, how awesome. After a careful and thorough review of my health history we made a plan for hcg injections – and by the way he charged much less than other clinics and provided all the same services. He was readily available for questions and answers, even on the weekend. What doc does that? Dr. Joe does! I had weekly follow-ups and felt great. He is a holistic doctor as well and can help with other issues. I was losing weight, my skin was clear, asthma, and migraines were all in check due to his holistic approach. I was very satisfied with his services and recommend him to all my friends. You won’t be disappointed. In case you’re wondering I lost 25 lbs in 40 days. You don’t put it back on after stopping shots either. 5 months later I am still on track. Stop and see him.

—Brandi J.

HCG Weight Loss

I met with Dr. Dubroff concerning the HCG diet. He was patient and understanding with all my questions and concerns. He made himself available beyond the normal 9am-5pm work schedule for both office visits and phone calls. With the help of Dr. Dubroff I have achieved great success with my weight loss goals. The best part is his pricing which is the most reasonable in Southern California. He is very knowledgeable and I highly recommend him to anyone seeking holistic medical advice.

—John M.

HCG Diet Weight Loss

I went to see Dr. Dubroff in September and started the Hcg diet shortly after that. I lost 38 pounds in the 40 days of injections and have since lost a total of 45 pounds. I am getting ready to start a second 40 day round of Hcg injections. Dr. Dubroff offers support through the process and is always available via phone or text if I have any questions. This is the only weight loss method that has worked for me, and I am thrilled to have found it.

-Michelle R

Weight Loss, Back Pain and Hormone Therapy

I’ve seen Dr. Dubroff for weight loss, back pain and hormone adjustment therapy.  He made recommendations that helped me achieve a 27 lbs weight loss and even better to feel alot better and to eat healthier.  Secondly, he provided PRP treatment for back pain which helped me tremendously and he prescribed natural compounds for me for hormone replacement that have made me feel 100% better.  He is empathetic and receptive to his clients needs and provides health solutions that enhance their quality of life.  I highly recommend him.

—Kathleen N.


I saw Dr.Dubroff and loved his enthusiasm and surety that his Prolo treatments would work!
– Imran Hossain

Prolotherapy-Neck Pain

I came to Dr. Dubroff with horrible and ongoing neck pain. Traditional doctors said there was nothing they could do and just prescribed me loads of medication. The medication was so strong it was making my hair fall out. I quit taking it and just lived with chronic pain. As a mother of three small children, it made life very difficult. I’m also a competitive athlete, which made daily activities discouraging. I had 4 treatments of prolotherapy from Dr. Dubroff and I am absolutely pain free. I was skeptical at first, but it is impossible to refute the result. I am still working up to athletic activities; however, the gift of not being in constant pain is invaluable!! I’d highly recommend him for anyone facing chronic pain.
-Natalie M

General Recommendation

Met with Dr. Dubroff at his office. My wife did as well. Very happy with the service. I recommend him to all of my friends.
-Michael S.

Cranial Sacral Therapy – Grief & Exhaustion

I went to see Dr. Dubroff for help with grief and exhaustion. I was in the roll of full time caregiver for my mother, a stage 4 lung cancer patient. I am also a single mother of 2 children, one of which has special needs. Needless to say, attempting to juggle all of this, I was wiped out emotionally and physically. Dr. Dubroff recommended that I start a series of cranial sacral treatments. I was skeptical at first, but after my first treatment not only did I feel emotionally relieved, I also had a surprising rise in my energy level. I continued to receive treatments once a month and found them to be cumulative in their positive effects on my emotional and physical body. I would highly recommend Dr. Dubroff for cranial sacral treatments!
-Katie G

Prolotherapy-Lower Back Pain

I had low back pain so bad I couldn’t sit down or bend over. I saw a neurologist and was diagnosed with a rare condition cauda equina. I had 9 injections of PRP which didn’t help. Since I’ve seen dr Dubroff I had 2 sessions prolotherapy gack and sarapin and I already feel 50 percent better!
-Channel W.

Prolotherapy for Lower Back Pain

I’ve had severe lower back pain for years. Prolotherapy has been the only treatment that works.  I recommend Dr Dubroff to anybody experiencing pain and discomfort.  I also had Prolotherapy for my wrist many years ago and after 4 treatments I was 100% and haven’t had a problem since.  Prolotherapy changed my life and I live pain free and can do the activities I enjoy doing again.  Simple tasks such as getting out of bed or the car are a non issue and I just spring up and go like I was young again.  If your considering surgery this is a must try, it’s worked for me on multiple injuries and I couldn’t be happier.  Best investment I’ve made for my health.

—Christoper C.

Plantar Fascitis

Joseph Dubroff is a super friendly, knowledgable professional whose expertise with prolotherapy has helped my girlfriend get back on her feet, literally. This is a great treatment option for those who are suffering from chronic, inflammatory, musculoskeletal issues. Thanks Joseph!

—Jeff Delierre

Ankylosing Spondylitis

“After years of conventional medical treatment, the changes I have seen in my condition both physically and mentally are awesome!”

Back Pain

“Joe worked on my back several times to relieve a lifetime of pain and stiffness that three back surgeries could not remedy. In the process of healing the pain in my back, the healing extended to my knees—to the point that I cancelled my scheduled knee-replacement surgery, as all the symptoms prompting the surgery no longer existed.”
—Nick Franciscone

Multiple Sclerosis

“I have had relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis since 1995. In February, 2006, I had an exacerbation and was dealing with a new symptom: spasticity. Doctors prescribed the typical medicine for MS patients: steroids. At first it worked, and then the symptoms started again. A friend referred me to Dr. Joe, and it has been the best thing I have done for my health. My first aggravation was difficult, but my symptoms were gone. I will not go back to traditional medicine for my MS. Homeopathy continues to be the best tool to heal not only my body, but also my mind and spirit. The remedy even helped me stop a 17-year smoking habit. Dr. Joe is passionate about healing, and he makes me passionate about my own healing.”
—Aimee Travis

Failed Surgery & Sciatica

My sister told me about Prolotherapy at the time I was at my witts end. I’ve had 2 failed knee surgeries on one leg, and after years of over compensation on the other leg, I got bursitis and sciatica issues. Physical therapy did not work, chiropractic did not work, and also steroid med did not work. I saw Dr.Dubroff and loved his enthusiasm and surety that his Prolo treatments would work! I was so tired of being in pain. After the first treatment, the pain disappeared instantly, like a miracle! Thank you for giving me my quality of life back Dr.Dubroff. I highly recommend Dr.Dubroff for ANYONE who has back, knee, and sciatica issues.

—Nancy Davis


After years of being told my blood tests were “normal” and my weight and energy concerns were my own fault, I got frustrated and stepped outside of the typical medical establishment and insurance that had me hamstrung. I found Dr. Joe on the ‘net, and initially was intrigued by his assurances that he would test everything.

At my first visit, which was outside of his normal office hours (he generously stayed late on a friday night because that was the only time I could make it), I tried to quickly sum up my symptoms. Dr. Joe listened patiently, then looked at me and said, “I’m 90% certain of what you have, based on X, Y, and Z, but I’m going to order the tests so we have the numbers to confirm it.” My TSH and T3 numbers are in the normal range, but based on their relation to each other and my immune marker values (which no one had bothered to test before, they just looked at my T3 sitting right on the bottom “normal” value and said “oh you’re fine”) I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis.

Dr. Joe has offered me suggestions for supplements to help my metabolism, especially focusing on iron (low ferritin levels) and D3 (extremely low). With every supplement suggestion he explained why, and what result he expected to see from it. The supplements are all optional, and he’s absolutely okay with you taking your time to think about it or purchasing them somewhere else–he doesn’t even have all the supplements he suggests in his office, he’s just giving his patients complete information.

Under Dr. Joe’s care I feel better than I have in years. All my little nagging symptoms are managed, and my larger symptoms of weight gain, crushing fatigue, and brain fog are clearing steadily. I Absolutely recommend Dr. Joe, and have already given his card to several friends and acquaintances.

—Erin D.

Asthma, Allergies and Eczema

“I took my daughter, Jordan, to Dr. Joe for her asthma, allergies and eczema. She has been afflicted since birth. No cream the doctors prescribed seemed to help her eczema, and her allergies and asthma seemed to flare at the start of each season. Since she began her remedy in June, 2006, her eczema is gone, her allergies are greatly diminished, and her asthma has not been an issue. The great thing is that when she is symptomatic, I just give her another dose of her remedy, and it clears up any symptoms she is having. I could not be happier with the results of the remedy Joe gave her. The best thing I did for Jordan was take her to Joe.”
—Aimee Travis on behalf of Jordon Travis (nine-year-old female)

Heart Palpitations and Anxiety

“…I was incredibly frazzled, chaotic, and constantly frustrated with incredibly high expectations…I was having heart pains, palpitations and numbing sensations throughout my arms and legs…Within a month’s time, I was relaxed…my pains in my body had gone…I no longer had heart pain.”
—Jana Throckmorton

Long-Standing Digestive Symptoms

“Since I was a small child, I was plagued with digestive problems and constant pain in my abdomen. Dr. Joe gave me a homeopathic remedy, and within 20 minutes it started to feel better. A few days later, the pain was completely gone! It’s like living in the dark and suddenly coming into the light! Four years later, it still hasn’t come back.”
—Heidi W.

Fibromyalgia & Uterine Fibriods

“I was suffering from Fibromyalgia for over 20 years…I also had heavy intermenstrual bleeding problems for over 15 years…Dr. Dubroff helped free me from all these problems. It is a great feeling being free from tormenting pain!”
—Regina Chase

Migraines, Candida, Allergies and Rashes

“I had struggled with a variety of issues for over 15 years…migraine headaches, unexplained rashes…allergies and eye irritations…systemic Candida…the majority of my symptoms disappeared. No more migraine, no more eye irritation, no more rashes! The Candida seems no longer to be a problem as well.”
—Jewels Edwards

Migraines and Neck Pain

“Loving kindness combined with medical know-how and theoretical idealism applied as a healing art is strong medicine: a rare combination that contains tremendous healing properties. I found these qualities in Dr. Dubroff, who healed me of lifelong migraine and neck pain.”
—Helga Kaiser


“I had thought of pursuing a constitutional remedy for years. I am so happy I finally did! The clarity and healing I have received on my life-long issues is literally unbelievable. My family and co-workers have even noticed the changes in me. If you are ready to move beyond issues that have been holding you back, working with Dr. Joe is the most advantageous way to go. He is practically obsessive about getting the perfect remedy, the one that will change your life!”
—Christina V.

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)

“I starting working with Dr. Joe because he volunteers to help foster children. I have struggled understanding in school. They said I have ADD. I had a hard time remembering anything. I would go back into a room several times before I got what I needed. I would change the subject several times during a conversation. Now, I have a lot more confidence in myself. I am able to organize and keep up with my schoolwork. My grades keep improving. I am also able to listen when someone is talking without interrupting. I really like working with Dr. Joe.”
—Kayla, age 14 (with assistance from her foster mother Temple)

Loss of Menstrual Cycle-PCOS, Depression & Anxiety

So grateful for Dr. Dubroff! I had been struggling with intense mood swings, depression, anxiety, and menstrual irregularities. My MD prescribed me a couple of antidepressants that had terrible side effects. I wanted to try something new, so I called Dr. Dubroff and scheduled a consultation. It was wonderful! Instead of a 15 minute appointment, he talked with me for two hours, asking lots of questions to understand my symptoms and what the root issues were.  I went in thinking I had thyroid issues, but I was eventually diagnosed with PCOS. Dr. Dubroff gave me sepia (a homeopathic remedy) and had me cut gluten out of my diet. The mood swings went away within a week. It was amazing. I went from being at my wit’s end to feeling more normal than I had in months. This was my first experience with a naturopath, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. If you want someone who will treat you, not just your symptoms, and who will produce results, you need to make an appointment with HCG Diet SoCal!

—Anna S.


“I initially saw Dr. Dubroff to help me with some pretty intense bouts of depression. After a very extensive interview process, Dr. Dubroff recommended a remedy. Almost immediately after taking the remedy, I noticed a difference. The bouts of depression lessened dramatically in frequency and intensity. The most important aspect of the remedy was its ability to open me to a great understanding of the reason behind the depression. This process was far more successful then the anti-depressants I had taken in the past. I highly recommend Homeopathy.”
—Brian Williams

PMS, Oral Herpes, Back Pain, and Mood-Related Issues.

“I was plagued my entire adult life with chronic PMS, stress-related severe upper back pain, and headaches. I also suffered from TMJ, fever sores, nausea, and vomiting from emotional depression. Dr. Dubroff kindly and patiently cured all these related ailments with homeopathy in a short and simple period of time. He also treated me during breast surgery for the removal of a very large lipoma, where I experienced minimal to no surgery-related pain, and no painkillers. I now have a very calm, aware and secure state.”
—Lisa Del Gaudio

Chronic Back Pain

“I came to Joe for my chronic back pain. I had been taking megadoses of Ibuprofin, and nothing was working. When I left the treatment, I was free of pain. I as well felt this enormous joy that started on the drive home. By the time I got home, I was exhilarated and couldn’t remember a time I ever felt so happy. It’s been over a year now, and my chronic back pain still hasn’t reoccurred.”
—Marsha Gentle

Hormonal Issues

I’m very happy with Dr Dubroff.  I came to see him for hormonal issues and Lupus.  I was concerned talking the medication long term for the Lupus as it might cause problems in my health.  Dr Joe has really helped me.  I no longer need the conventional meds.  I not only have none of the Lupus joint pains but I actually feel much better in general. Great doctor to go see!

-Michelle H

Lymes Disease

Most amazing doctor that actaully heals and doesnt keep you in the same situation
I have struggled with lymes disease and hair loss for eight years and within 8 months he has me almost back to 100% healed    i can not reccomend this doctor enough  !!!!!!!

-Andrea Z

Neck Pain & Nerve Irritation

Dr. Joe is  the real deal. His energy, knowledge, accessibility, manner, talent, expertise, multi disciplinary approach & resourcefulness (I could go on) are unparalleled.

In addition to addressing general health concerns, he advised me of a natural pain management alternative to spinal corticosteroid  injections for stenosis. Which, instead of the wealth of harmful side effects & non lasting pain relief that accompany the former, is working magic for me, with zero downside.

It’s a plant substance derived from the pitcher plant & has been utilized for over 70 years as an analgesic (according to my research at the U. of Google…). Anyway, for my severe cervical stenosis, it worked & keeps working wonders. I’m able to function & maybe more importantly sleep, pain & numbness free.

I was previously recommended injection under x-ray, then 3 level cervical vertebral fusion with a 6 month recovery period & no solid prognosis of pain relief, for 10’s of thousands of $$.

As fun as that sounded, I chose to research alternatives & found Doc Joe. His practice extends to general naturopathic care, holistic hormone & pain management therapies (probably more) I understand, so I’ll be exploring what further healing & rejuvenating therapies he may have. Cheers to Dr. Joe & my good health!

-Steve F

Heavy Non-Menstrual Bleeding-Fibriods

Dr. Dubroff has been wonderful in helping me overcome a serious issue in my life. Not to long ago, I was suffering from Heavy Bleeding in which I had to be hospitalized several times in one month. I met with Dr. Dubroff and we spoke about holistic solutions. I wasn’t so sure if he could help but I was willing to try anything vs. bleed to death. Dr. Dubroff did a case study on a Sunday afternoon over the phone and prescribed “Sabina” I started taking it, but was hospitalized the same day for heavy bleeding, my hemoglobin had dropped to 6.8. I thank Dr. Dubroff for stepping in when he did because after two days of taking Sabina, I started to notice a decrease in blood flow and less clotting. After the first week, the blood disappeared, there was no more blood flow. It’s been almost a month now and I have not suffered from heavy bleeding since. I think he saved my life, in fact I know he did. The conventional Dr’s wanted to take out my lady parts, and I’m just not ready for that yet. Dr. Dubroff offered an alternative and it worked, I am truly grateful to him.

-Dana Smith

Thyroid Treatments

I think anyone who comes to Dr. Dubroff is lucky. He’s been excellent for me. I was dealing with thinning hair, weight gain, failing memory, and dry skin. Dr Dubroff suspected suboptimal thyroid and starting treating me for that. My symptoms resolved! Later I developed severe skin issues unresolved with topical cortisone. Dr Dubroff researched and prescribed a homeopathic treatment. The results were absolutely magical. I’ve had two problems that I truly believed would never be resolved. I whole heartedly recommend Dr. Dubroff for knowledge and his medical abilities.

-Carolyn C

Heart Palpitations

I came to see Dr Dubroff for acne and heart palpitations. He switched me from my heart medicine to a natural medicine for the palpitations and started me on progesterine and a cream for my acne. I have seen great results for both of these. I have gone to many dermatologists and taken everything from antibiotice to accutaine with poor results. Finally for the first time in a struggle against acne Dr Dubroff found the route of the problem, wich was hormonal. Also very impressive I have far fewer palpitations then the lopressor I was taking. We’ve also made some gains on my long standing complicated headaches. I strongly reccomend him for his knowledge and accessability.

-Layla M

Depression, Weight Gain, Menopause, and Low Energy

I started seeing Dr. Dubroff in 2010, I walked in with low energy,severe depression,weight gain,fatty liver ,and severe menopausal symptoms. He took time to set up a easy to follow eating plan for me, natural hormone therapy,detoxification ,and helped me with knee issues. I have been back a few times for follow up and I know and trust that if issues arise ,he is the one I would call. He’s patient and is compassionate. Thanks Dr. JOE your awesome !!

-Tina Rowland

Shoulder Pain

I am currently undergoing Prolo Therapy with Dr. Dubroff for my shoulder.

With the orthopedic surgeon, I have had two steroid injections, both under ultrasonic guidance.  And in conjunction with the injections, two rounds of physical therapy.  I found limited success.  The doctor suggested that I try another injection.

That’s when I started looking for alternative treatments.  A friend gave me Dr. Dubroff’s contact info. (she’s had great pain relief, quite a success).   Dr. Dubroff returned my call and spoke with me directly regarding treatment.

Needless to say, I am very happy with the treatments!  I have had a significant increase in range of motion and the pain has been greatly reduced!  Dr. Dubroff is great!  He is spot on with all of the injections!  Not a wasted movement!  What a find!

-Lisa M

Natural Medicine

Having recently met this wonderful man and had great interactions, I am happy to say I can recommend his consciousness. It is obvious he is a man of deep caring, both personally and professinally, and expertise in natural medicine is evident.

-Holly Hill

Shoulder, Rotator Tears

I have had wonderful results from Dr. Dubroff using Prolo Therapy to help with my left shoulder which has minor tears in the rotator cuff. Additionally, he has been able to help greatly with a painful sciatic condition in my right hip. I suffered with it for ten years. Dr. Dubroff’s Prolo Therapy injections provided immediate relief. I must say, it is not just the Prolo Therapy, but it is also the knowledge of the doctor administering it and his technique. Doctor Dubroff really seems to have a superior knowledge of how the Prolo Therapy works and of how to correctly apply it to various body locations and conditions.

-Lin M

Caring, Respectful Treatment

Dr. Dubroff really listened to me and made his treatments according to my individual needs. He always answers my emails and texts promptly, and he treats me in a caring and respectful way. He takes the time to answer my questions and explains things to me in a way that can be easily understood. I am happy he is always here for us!
-Dwan T.

Highly Recommend

I am very pleased with Dr. Dubroff’s treatment. Highly recommend.
-Michelle H.

General Recommendation

It was very informative. The location was convenient.
– Craig B.

10 Stars+

Dr. Joe is amazing! He is very kind and answers any and all questions you have. I even wrote him on the weekend and he responded very fast to my questions. 10 stars+
– Aaron

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