HCG Diet in San Diego

HCG Diet in San DiegoHCG Diet SoCal offers anyone wanting to lose 20 or more pounds and feel better the ideal opportunity utilizing the HCG Diet in San Diego. This diet consists of a 500 to 1,000 calorie diet and an injection of HCG, or Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. Once the diet starts, participants can expect to see weight loss of ½ to one pound each day.

Prior to starting the HCG diet, participants may be advised to undergo lab tests, which include a Metabolic Panel, TSH, Thyroid Panel, Lipid Panel and complete blood count. Once the lab results have been received, our licensed physician will contact the patient to discuss the results of the lab analysis.

These tests help determine if a patient can proceed with the Sublingual Drops or HCG injection and assist in ensuring a person’s well-being during the weight loss process we offer.

In addition to significant weight loss, participants in this diet can expect to feel less hungry, have an increased metabolism and experience body contouring. All of these factors work together in helping a patient not only lose weight, but also feel healthier.

With medical weight loss and the help of HCG, patients will have the ability to improve their quality of life. There are some patients who will require several cycles of the HCG protocol, but this will be determined by our licensed physician.

During the HGC treatment process, patients are supervised by physicians to ensure adequate weight loss is achieved. This also helps to ensure no additional health issues arise during the diet. For individuals who want to lose weight, feel healthier and be happier, chances are the HCG diet is just what they have been looking for.

For more information on the safe and effective HCG Diet in San Diego, contact HCG Diet SoCal at (866) 296-2305 for a consultation today.