Have You Tried HCG Injections To Lose Weight?

Have You Tried HCG Injections To Lose Weight?

No reason anyone should want to get on the fad diet train. The bottom line is that while a fad diet may or may not work initially, even if the weight is lost, the chances are that it will come right back again. Instead of getting into the yo-yo diet merry-go-round, many people are looking into the HCG injections to lose weight near Fullerton to get natural, long-lasting results.

What Is HCG?

If you have heard about the diet, the chances are good that you have gone on to do a little bit of research already. HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, a natural hormone found in the female body during pregnancy. This hormone is found in such high levels during pregnancy that it is used as a marker for home pregnancy tests. Throughout the years, the hormone has also been used to help with treating problems with fertility for both women and men.

When it comes to the HCG diet plan, it generally consists of two major components. First, you have the hCG hormone that is administered through injections. Then, there is a very low-calorie diet. Each patient takes in just about 500 calories daily. While you will find several HCG products on the market to be sold in various forms, including pellets, springs, and even oral drops, the best way to get the hormone is through a physician or naturopath. This way, you know you are getting authentic HCG injections and no fillers.

Within the body, the HCG during pregnancy works to tell the female body that it is pregnant. It helps maintain various hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, both of which are crucial for the embryo’s development. When used for dietary purposes, the hormone helps to boost metabolism and kicks the body into gear to burn stored fat.

You could miss out on the many benefits of the HCG injections to lose weight near Fullerton. Call Holistic Solutions today at (866) 296-2305 for info or a consultation.